Absolute freedom
Motobike is universal means of transport. Rides great on the roads as well as on the sidewalk and any other terrain is not difficult for it. Ideal for way to work when is Prague crowded.
Completely without licenses
Unlike scooter you don’t need driving license or property damage liability insurance to drive Crosco, just start and drive.
Thrifty ride
Crosco is motobike with extremely low consumption (1,3L/100Km) and due to its driving opportunities saves your priceless time.

About us

We are a group of fans, today professionals, of motobike Crosco. We love and really enjoy driving the Crosco MOTORBIKE. We decided to extend our hobby to others and offer an alternative to scooters and surprisingly public transport. You can buy motobikes with us, but also borrow and discover a new dimension of traveling through the Prague. Our Crosco motobikes can get you  anywhere because they can go really everywhere you want to go.

Are you looking for the perfect means of transport to travel to work, trip or training? Do you enjoy freedom of movement and don‘t like crowded public transport? So probably is our motobike Crosco ideal solution for you. You don‘t need to have a driving license and property damage liability insurance and you can go anywhere with it. Sidewalk or road, there is no problém for Crosco motobike. Imagine a quiet ride, while all the others are waiting in queues at the traffic jam.

O nás

Travel anywhere. Travel with motobike Crosco.

Do you want drive through the park, across small village or drive through busy city? You can drive anywhere you want due to the unique properties of the motobike Crosco.

Bez řidičáku

Without driving license

You can leave your driving licence and technical card at home.

Nízká spotřeba

Low consumption

1,3 litre per 100 km. That is 0,50 Kč per kilometer.

4taktní motor

4-stroke engine

The gasoline engine will drive you 25 km/hr. After small adaptation up to 45 km/hr.


Contact us

Showroom address

Crosco Praha
Na Zderaze 2007/7,
Praha 2 - Nové Město

Mo - Su 9.00-19.0


Viktor Roušal
+420 604 242 477
Na Zderaze 2007/7,
Praha 2 - Nové Město

Billing info

Crosco Praha
Viktor Roušal
Přístavní 21
Praha 7 - 170 00
č. účtu: 670100-2212666962/6210 M-Banka

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