We will introduce, you will try

We will help you with the decision! We will deliver Crosco motobike to you for free and you can try it before buying also for free! We will let you fall in love at the first gas and answer you questions. We are so sure of its benefits and quality, taht there is no reason to convince you, your heart will belong to it after the first ride. 

Are you looking for the perfect means of transport to travel to work, trip or training? Do you enjoy freedom of movement and don‘t like crowded public transport? So probably is our motobike Crosco
ideal solution for you.
You don‘t need to have a driving license and property damage liability insurance and you can go anywhere with it. Sidewalk or road, there is no problém for Crosco motobike. Imagine a quiet ride, while all the others are waiting in queues at the traffic jam.



Motobike Crosco is special for its good performance due to superior 4 stroke engine you can run speeds up to 40 miles per hour, and due to excellent  variator is big hill with big bag on your back no problem. With fuel consumption only 1.3 l per 100 kilometers, it‘s a very financially attractive means of transport. For example compared to scooters you don’t need any documents or checking the technical condition. Crosco is fully approved for operation in the Czech Republic.

Motobike Crosco is an interesting means of transport for city driving or commuting between villages. It is the perfect solution for older people who don‘t want or can‘t drive and don’t have good physical condition to ride a bike. It’s also pretty fun for those who had never driven a more powerful machine. And for those who are not keen on walking it can be useful for the trip.

Advantages over others means of transport

Motobike Crosco has big advantages compared to the other means of transport, in the cities and also in villages. You don’t have to limit yourself in any way. You are masters of your time, but also the route you choose. You can ride on the sidewalk, which is prohibited with scooter. Because of this, you can actually save a lot of time on your travels and look where you normally couldn‘t with a motor vehicle. It's a very friendly machine and its operation is so easy, that is cheaper than buying tickets for public transport. It saves your energy because you can also drive on big hills very easily. We have to mention the time you will save up because you wouldn’t have to wait for public transport or standing at traffic lights and in traffic jams.

Technical description

Type of engine 4-stroke
Engine displacement 37 ccm
Max. performance 1 kW / 1,36 k at 7000 1/min 
Max. torque 1,6 Nm at 5500 1/min
Transmission variátor CROSCO *
Speed (max.) 25/43** km/h
Fuel tank 2 l
Consumption 1,3 – 1,5 l/100 km
Tank range (max.) 150 km
Weight 26 kg
Loading capacity 120 kg (160 kg tested)
Brakes disc (mechanical)
Front fork sprung (oil/spring)

* variátor CROSCO fully replaces the 5 – speed automatic transmission
** after unlocking the engine speed higher than 25 km/h is possible ride with motobike CROSCO without technical and driving license just off the road.




Manual, legislation, information

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Viktor Roušal
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Praha 2 - Nové Město

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